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Closed-Loop Aquaponics - The Complete Course

Backyard, Educational & Commercial Systems

aquaponics training graduation

Aquaponics Training Graduation - Ukiah, 2010

Our trainings are intended to inspire students, providing them with the information, understanding, knowledge and experience needed to create Permaculture based "Closed-Loop" Aquaponics systems that are as self sufficient and regenerating as possible.

aquaponics training graduation

Aquaponics Training Graduation - Nicaragua

This valuable information is a combination of skills, knowledge and first hand experience gained though our own work and the successful examples of several other professionals operating Aquaponic farms, projects and training centers throughout the world!

All our Aquaponics trainings are instructed by Max Meyers and special guests. Max Meyers is a veteran Permaculture designer, consultant, teacher and Aquaponics specialist who has combined Permaculture with Aquaponics.

Aquaponics Raft with Tomatoes

Aquaponics Raft With Tomatoes

We Raise Rainbow Bass

We Raise Rainbow Bass

bamboo aquaponics raft

Bamboo Aquaponics Raft

FLN 2011 course

Finca Las Nubes 2011 course

New Aquaponics & Permaculture Trainings:

Intro to Aquaponics, The Holistic Design Approach

Dates - April 14-15, 2018
Where - Solar Living Institute, Hopland, CA

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One of the Most Sustainable Food Production Systems in the World!

* Save Labor, Time and Money
* Permaculture Focus for Greater Self-Sufficiency
* Off-Grid Systems & Aquaponics for Homesteads
* Design for Diverse, Climates, Ecologies, & Cultures
* Create a Thriving, Regenerative Business!

Course Description

Whether you are a beginner, a backyard hobbyist, a homesteader or a skilled professional wanting to start a career in aquaponics, this course has something to offer. This course is will provide you with a solid foundation, in depth information, and hands-on experience for designing and building leading-edge closed-loop aquaponics systems from backyard to commercial sized systems. Whether you want to grow food for you and your family, for a small business, or for a fully commercial operation, this course will give you tools, information and expert experience you will need to support you in whatever aquaponic endeavor you are interested in for years to come. At a time of global climate change, depletion of resources, pollution of water and huge losses of top soil worldwide, there has never been a more important time to learn about closed-loop aquaponics.

This training will be led by our incredible team of aquaponics instructors, professionals and educators from around the world!

* Learn From More than 30 years combined experience
* Course instructed by 3 working aquaponics professionals
* In depth course covers backyard, homestead, & commercial systems - with en emphasis on self-sustainability


Max Meyers of Nor Cal Aquaponics

Max Meyers

Known for combining the sciences of aquaponics & permaculture, Max brings 15 years of permaculture experience as a farmer, homesteader, professional designer, installer, and teacher. With a lifetime of experience raising fish and designing countless sustainable homesteads and aquaponic systems, Max is a pioneer integrating aquaponics systems into systainable, off-grid living systems. Max is founder and lead designer/installer at NorCal Aquaponics.

Rob Nash of Austin Aquaponics

Rob Nash

Rob Nash brings 15+ years of experience with boutique to large scale aquaponic farming techniques and hybrids, and is one of the pioneers in the industry. Rob is founder and owner of Austin Aquaponics and HannaLeigh Farm, operating our of Austin, Texas.

Jon Parr - SchoolGrown & Fishnet Aquaponics

Jon Parr

Jon Parr, a leader in the emerging aquaponics movement, comes from a background of construction and engineering. Jon co-founded a Watsonville Commercial Greenhouse in 2013 - one of the largest commercial aquaponics systems in the world with of over 8 acres of aquaponics in greenhouses. Jon founded Fishnet Aquaponics in 2010, and co-founded his most recent project - SchoolGrown, in 2014. Schoolgrown builds and operates classroom-sized aquaponic greenhouses for schools and communities, a hybrid CSA and educational model system.

Permaculture & Aquaponics

By bringing Permaculture Design principles and practices into Aquaponics, we are closing many loops, inefficiencies, and energy drains that exist in more conventional systems, as well as integrating the system appropriately into the larger landscapes and ecologies it is a part of, making it a much more holistic and sustainable enterprise. Closed-Loop Aquaponics focuses on designing aquaponics systems that that produce as much of the system’s needs (water, energy, fish, feed, heat, gas, etc.) on-site and within the system itself as possible. Products of the systems can include; solar electricity, solar heated air, solar heated water, fish, prawns, vegetables, fruit, aquatic plants, algae, minnows, snails, worms, dry and liquid fertilizers, methane gas, and more. By using the Permaculture Design process, we learn to design systems appropriate to diverse climates and unique ecological niches to meet various needs, dreams, and desires.

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Our Aquaponics Systems:

  • Produce up to 100% of the system's needs within the system itself!
  • Use up to 98% less water than conventional farming methods!
  • Produce up to ten times more vegetables and crops in the same amount of space and time!
  • Use up to 75% less energy than almost any other farming method!
  • Are guaranteed to be free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other chemicals!
  • Require only about 1/2 the labor required by almost all other food production methods!
  • Virtually eliminates weeds, pests, diseases, viruses and pathogens for both aquatic and plant life alike!
  • Can be used in almost any situation and can range in size, from desk top systems to large scale commercial farms!
  • Saves time, money and labor in all stages of production!
  • Don't require soil, enabling otherwise "undesirable" sites or land to be used to produces fresh, organic fish, vegetables, fruit and more!

Nor Cal Aquaponics

Nor Cal Aquaponics

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